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Over the last fifteen years, I have committed myself to writing about my journey through scripture. Ten years ago, I challenged myself to write a devotion each day for my middle school and high school students during Lent. After Lent was over, God asked me to continue this journey. My two devotional collections are the results of this beautiful experience. Journey with me as I encourage you to live a life of sacrifice and to experience God’s grace for today.

Be Encouraged: Living a Life of Sacrifice

Sacrifice is a difficult concept for all of us. Sacrifice requires us to give up something that we want, and sometimes it requires us to give up something that we need. However, living a life of sacrifice is something that we are called to do if we are followers of Jesus. Jesus said to deny ourselves, carry our cross, and follow Him. This means that we will need to sacrifice our time, our talent, and our treasure for the sake of the Kingdom of God.

This devotional book will lead you through the life of sacrifice as we see it in the lives of the men and women in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. This devotional will encourage you with personal examples of the way in which the life of sacrifice can be difficult but also incredibly rewarding as we become more and more like Jesus Christ. This six-week devotional will help you to understand God’s identity and plan for your life, deal with doubt and fear, experience restoration and hope, let go in love, practice spiritual disciplines, and live a life of holiness.

Be encouraged as you seek to live a life of sacrifice for the sake of the Cross and the Kingdom of God.

Be Encouraged: Grace for Today

In a time of crisis, we all need a reminder that God is sovereign. Currently, we are facing a global pandemic that is causing people to wonder where God is in the midst of our suffering. Each of us individually face our own trials and troubles, but we can be sure that God is with us through it all.

Like my first devotional collection, this devotional will take you through my personal journey as I understand God’s grace for each day. Journey with me as I cry and rejoice in the ways that God has worked uniquely within my life.

Through this 5 week devotional collection, you will be reminded that God can give you peace during times of great strife, that you can live daily in His grace, that you can stand faithful to the end, how to understand holiness, and how to love the Church and each other.

Be encouraged as you remember that God’s grace is a free gift. This grace may not always be what we want; however, it is what we need. Remember that in all of your struggles, there is always grace for today.

You can find each of my books at Both books are available in a digital format and a printed format. For more information, follow my author’s page on

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