Chasing Drama: The Cure

Now that the holidays have passed, I realize that part two of this series was a little depressing. Ya, I was feeling down because I’m far from my family yet again this season, but I need to rejoice in the fact that I have come so far this year. Healing is continuing to happen and there are several reasons for this.

1. I’ve learned to let things go.

Last Christmas, I was managing my depression after a failed foster placement and upcoming surgery to remove skin cancer. I still think about our foster son, but I also pray for him which is more important.

2. I’ve learned to do what I love.

I have been much better this year at taking care of myself and doing more of what I enjoy. This means that I bought colorful clothes for myself when the new school year started. I even painted my toenails PINK! I’ve gotten a hair cut more than once in the last six months. I watch movies and shows that make me laugh and make me think. I have fun in my classes, laughing out loud along with my students. I write every day even if it’s a struggle to find the time or the words. And I cuddle with my husband and my dogs.

3. I’ve remembered to pray more.

I had gotten away from prayer journaling for years, but for the last year I have journaled pretty much every day. I pray when I’m going to sleep, I pray when I’m in my classroom, I pray for my church and my community, I pray for my country, I pray for my family and friends. God has been so faithful to me throughout my life, and I have remembered this year to reach out to Him more.

4. I’ve forgiven those who have hurt me.

Forgiveness is hard. It’s not a human thing. I don’t think we can truly forgive without God’s help. I had a lot of people to forgive last year, including people who were doing the best they could. In order to move forward, I’ve had to forgive and let go.

5. I’ve remembered to love.

I honestly love my life. It might be difficult at times, but I love my husband, my son, my parents, my brothers and sisters, my aunts and uncles, cousins, grandparents, nieces and nephews and everyone in between. I love my friends, my job, my church, my community. I’ve remembered where that love comes from: my Savior who loved me when I was still His enemy. Love truly conquers all.

I hope that as you step into 2020 that you are better than you were last year. I pray that you have hope that move you forward. I pray for continued and abundant blessings that come down from the Father of Lights.

Be blessed.

Published by bagmac77

I am a high school English teacher, wife, and mother. I love writing about the ways in which faith intersects our modern world.

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